Monday, January 03, 2005


Time for a Baggage Check!

This is a good time of year to do a "baggage check."

What do you hold on to that is hurtful and self-defeating? Do you worry about future events that may never happen? Are you holding on to grudges, resentments, hatred, prejudices? Do you agonize over losses? Do you keep reliving past hurts and disappointments? Is there someone you need to forgive? Are you always expecting the worse?

It's a new year! Time for a new beginning. I'm not suggesting you make a resolution, for to be resolute is to have a firmness of purpose, which for most doesn't last very long. Rather I am suggesting that you live in a continual process of resolving to find answers to all the negative questions that bounce around in your head and keep you from moving forward.

What is the best way to do this? The simple answer is to let go of what doesn't work. Release all the things that no longer serve you. Easier said then done, right? Anything worthwhile takes effort and a commitment to make the necessary behavioral changes. Without that, nothing changes!

My friend, Guy Finley once said, "Let go of all the familiar but useless rules of rigor that tell you life would be meaningless without running around in some kind of conflict. Stop referring to your own well-worn but useless wish that your life will get better the longer you play. It won't - unless we believe that feeling exhausted is the same as being exalted."

Letting go can be the first is a series of positive actions that can liberate you from your negative past and have you experience the joy of release. Freedom lies in letting go. The past is an energy drain. It saps your strength. Let go. If now, you can only imagine freedom, know and believe that you can attain it.

To "let go" takes Love. You must live Love. To "let go" is to acknowledge that which you cannot change, and pursue that which you can.

Have your "baggage check" be an opportunity to focus on taking responsibility for the choices you make regarding your thoughts and actions.

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