Thursday, November 10, 2005


10 Ways to Simplify Your Life

1. Men need to grow up. Mama doesn't live here anymore. Make notes to yourself. Remind yourself to take out the garbage and other things that will keep harmony in your relationship.

2. Go to bed by 9 p.m. at least one night each week. You won't miss anything. AND you can spend some quality time with your partner and be more rested and ready to face the world again the following day.

3. Simplify your life by getting rid of relationships in your life that drain your energy. Develop some new relationships with people who help build you up, not bring you down.

4. Even though you are in a relationship, you must make time for you. Often people forget about taking care of themselves. They become so involved in the relationship they forget about #1. You owe it to yourself and life.

5. Be courageous. Be who YOU are. Stop trying to be someone you think someone else wants you to be. Stand up for who you are.

6. Learn to move past the "small stuff" fast. Don't linger in the past with something that happened that you cannot change. Forgive if necessary and move on. Hanging on to anger, resentment, etc., is an energy drain. Life is too short. Take time to tell those you love how much you care each and everyday.

7. Stop complaining about things your partner does that annoy you. Instead catch them doing something right and offer a sincere compliment with a dash of love and perhaps a hug thrown in.

8. When things become stressful in your relationship, stop and take a deep breath. Pause. Relax. Ask yourself, "Will becoming more upset about this push me closer to what I want or further away?" Create something constructive to do to instead of becoming stuck in your negativity about the situation.

9. Let your partner catch you with a smile on your face. Be happy. Happiness is a wise choice. Happiness is contagious.

10. Design a quiet place to do some serious soul searching. Spend time alone. Think about what you can do to bring more quality to your relationships. Self connect. Who would you have to become and how would you have to do things differently for your life and your relationships to be a 10?

1. My views are also same when we talk about a bad relationship. Even I believe that we must get rid of a toxic relation which asks for a lot of energy and in return just leave us with bad memories and self guilt.

2. The best scenario would be learn from past, live in present and plan for future ,but what we generally do is living in past, cribbing for present and longing for better future.

I want to write so much about all your points, but right now have to go, but will definitely do that later. Relationship, life, philosphy - I love to write on these topics.
Well nice blog and nice web site too Larry.
Well, I'm 40 yrs old now and that is exactly what I'm planing to do at the moment: Simplyfy my live. I'm still a Single and have wasted my past time with so many useless things and persons. Back to the basics, that is my motto.
Knowing whether an individual is in a Toxic Relationship or not is quite important for simplifying life.
Life is so precious that one should find answer to the question, Are you in a Toxic Relation?" as soon as possible.
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