Monday, September 11, 2006


Who YOU are being makes a difference in your relationship

It affects who your partner is and how they respond to you. If how they respond to you causes you stress, discomfort, etc., it may be wise to make some new choices about who you are being in the relationship. It may be the cause of why they are being the way they are.

When we make adjustments in the way we are being with our love partner, over time they begin to give the appearance of changing; sometimes for the worse, but generally for the better. This is so because as our behavior changes our attitudes about them also changes. We begin to see them as someone who is doing the best they can (or know how) and we become more loving toward them.

So if your intention is to change your partner. . . give it up! It won't happen. What can happen is a more loving relationship when YOU are being the change agent for your own attitudes and behavior. What have you got to lose?

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