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Larry James

Password Stealing Trojan Spreading! - (1/27/00). . .

Unfortunately. . . this virus is the TRUTH! Users of America On-Line should be aware of a new password stealing Trojan Horse program that has been released and is seeming to spread via "spam" that was sent to AOL users. Named the "" it mainly affects Windows 98 users but can it can also infect Windows 95 users that have the "MSVBVM50.DLL" file present in their system. (This file is not the virus, but is a necessary file for an attack by this Trojan. Do not delete this file in an attempt to clean your system as it is vital to the operation of other software programs.)

What Does This Trojan Do?

This Trojan is a password stealer written in Visual Basic and is designed to attack America Online software installations to steal the username and password of AOL accounts! This Trojan will then send this information to the author of the Trojan. This Trojan has been found in a file by the name of "MINE.EXE" and is an attachment included in an e-mail with the subject line of "hey you". The attachment is 216,576 bytes and may appear as a self-extracting archive or zip file, but it is not.

What Should I Do to Protect Myself?

As with all virus/trojan horse programs, the best way to combat them is to keep your anti-virus software up-to-date. This means updating your virus code (usually FREE) from your anti-virus software companies website at least once a month or immediately after being warned of a new ourbreak that would possibly affect you personally. If you do not have a current program, we suggest either McAfee's ViruScan or Norton's Anti-virus.

In addition, DO NOT OPEN ANY ATTACHMENTS to an e-mail message unless you know exactly what it is, even if you trust the sender. If you have any questions about the attached file, don't open it!

If you find that your system has been infected with, AFTER removing the trojan, be sure to change the password(s) for your AOL account(s)!

More "technical" information can be found at the source of this article:

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