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Excerpt from the book. . .

The Lost Secrets of Prayer

Guy Finley

Your Final Victory Over the Intimate Enemy

Every sorrow or suffering ever visited upon a person comes from his wrongly having believed himself to have either some power or possession that he didn't.

Finding the True Powers needed to take control of your life begins with understanding the false powers now in charge of your life.

To understand how to get out of the circle of self, you must see completely into the circle of self; because once you've seen completely into it, you understand the system has nothing inside of it that is for who you really are and what you really want.

The nature of the stressed self that responds to the crisis is itself a creation of the crisis, which means its ested interest is in the continuation of the crisis experience.

When you begin to actively explore the mystery of your own mystery, God himself solves the case.

The fear of seeing the depth of my own self-deception is the first self-deception.

The nature of thought is that it can only know itself by peering into itself -- an action which causes separation ven as it seeks to unify.

Freedom is never a condition born out of any state of affairs, but is the fruit of relationship.

Each of us lives in potentially at least three worlds -- outer, inner, and those worlds which are unknown to us because of the deteriorated condition of the inner world. We don't really belong to the outer world as evidenced by our treatment of it, and we don't belong to the inner world as evidenced by our ignorance of it. So in effect we are cut off from life, separated from the worlds we live in, and increasingly so by the very nature of our situation.

Better a drop of truth than an ocean of lies.

All things good come to those for whom the Good is all things.

On the spiritual mountain, only the unmarked path leads to the top. It is the untried way that is the true one.

The compulsion to teach someone else his or her lesson in life is the same as having refused your own.

The real lessons in life are always delivered in the moment of honest self-seeing and this seeing includes the discovery that something within yourself is trying to steal these lessons from you. Refusing any life lesson is the same as refusing the responsibility for those parts of yourself that are the problem.

Dependency is any compulsive reliance upon something not native to your essence that provides you with a temporary familiar sense of yourself.

For many years in your spiritual life you will have to decide whether to seek Truth or security, for in the early stages of the soul's development, these two things are mutually exclusive. In the soul's fulfillment these two become as one

No addiction of any kind begins without temptation, but the secret essence of temptation is to try and complete yourself, which means that you are resisting your own sense of being incomplete. Therefore, temptations are the promises that arise from the will of that which is incomplete within you.

How I think I should feel can only to occur to me from the content of my past experience -- and the content of my past is what's secretly behind my present sense of feeling myself incomplete.

The surrender born of unresolvable crisis in a man is when all possibilities suggested by all parts of him to complete himself are seen as untenable. So he is "delivered from" himself; from the unconscious tyranny of his own parts he is brought into a new awareness of self whose key feature is an inner peace and confidence that has no opposites. He is unified.

Part of self-awakening leads the individual to the point where he is left with the experience of himself which, having been stripped of its pursuit of experience through either attraction to pleasure or resistance to pain, this self is then known directly with no intermediating reasons for its nature. Here the experiencer is its own experience, and the only way beyond this is to die to itself, which it does, seeing its own empty content.

Concerning poverty: only from nothing can God make something out of you.

Nothing in time can rescue you from the time nature offering you that way out.

The principal reason why you can never really teach anyone else about the True spiritually-based life is because this new life appears only as each person outgrows being fascinated with his own present life experiences.

You must be willing to die for what you love to find out that the only death there is... is to have no love worth dying for.

When you are willing to die for what you love, all that dies within you is what isn't love.

There is a Will that includes a balance of the opposites, and then there is man's will which exists because of the opposites.

True spiritual principles fail you because you're using them for the wrong purpose at the wrong time. True principles are not for your protection, but to place you where you can see that there is no such self that is in danger. True principles are not intended to keep you safe in battle. They are intended to help you enter into it.

Increase a person's pocketbook, or otherwise enhance his image of himself, and you produce a temporary positive result which has inherently, within it, its own inevitable opposite, due to, if nothing else, just the way the world changes as it's washed clean by the back and forth tides of time. But, increase this person's spiritual understanding, and you give to him that which time is not only powerless to diminish, but that in fact empowers him over the adverse changes inherent in time.

Anger cannot thrive without an object or person to blame for its presence, but if you begin to understand that your anger towards others can't take place without you first having misperceived either that person's nature -- or the nature of your relationship with them -- then you would stop looking in the direction your anger says is its cause, and start seeing that the problem really lies in the shallowness of your present self-understanding. This reversal of where you place your attention is the seed of a new struggle whose gradually ripening fruit is freedom from all negative states.

Usually understood, exercises are a means to an end. But real spiritual exercises are a means to a means -- a way to create special conditions in and under which it is possible to see something unexpected; to learn the unknown about ourselves. This special self-seeing can be thought of as the purpose of the Work, but even it is the means to the awakening of Intelligence which serves itself to its own end.

It is often the conditions we find ourselves in that determine the inner work we can do, but equally true is that it is the work we will do which changes our conditions.

The nature of the obstacles you meet in life are what they are because of the prize that you pursue. The self cannot overcome self-created obstacles, but only recreates them with every seeming victory.

When you really begin to pray in earnest to awaken to His Life, God does not reward you with the increased strength you're looking for but rather with increased insight into your own weaknesses which eventually become the seed of the strength you seek as your discoveries cause you to disappear to yourself.

The greatest lie on earth: "I ache therefore I am real."

There is nothing you can do to make God act toward you, because He is without cause -- and yet knowing this -- you must act as if you don't -- for although He may be without cause, He is not without compassion.

Awareness is the only cup that can draw from the present moment, while thought draws its life from pools of the past.

To be spiritually asleep is to be unconscious of your relationship with life in the moment.

The mind must use its own reasoning to reach the understanding that it can neither create nor reach heaven through reasoning.

Any step taken in fear towards a fear reduces that fear by the length of the step so taken. And any fear reduced in this fashion never gains what it has lost.

The life of Christ shows that you can't know perfect freedom without will, and yet it is the surrender of will that grants freedom.

Copyright © - Guy Finley. - Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

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