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Halloween - Jerry Seinfeld Halloween (Collector's Edition Book with CD) - Jerry Seinfeld - (Ages 6 to adult) If the only "really clear thought" you had as a kid was "Get candy," you'll be at one with comedian Jerry Seinfeld's first children's picture book, Halloween. His first nostalgic picture book view of Halloweens past will ring true with everyone who remembers the trials and tribulations of trick-or-treating -- from the stupid masks with thin gray rubber straps and cheap little staples to the humiliation of having to wear a winter coat over your store-bought Superman costume. A picture book adaptation based on his standup routine.

101 Spooktacular Party Ideas - Linda Sadler - Planning a Halloween party has never been easier! Whether you are having a few neighborhood children over, or are throwing a huge Halloween bash, 101 Spooktacular Party Ideas will help you plan an unforgettable Halloween party. It is filled with ideas that will help you haunt your house with boo-tiful decorations, serve sinisterly delectable treats, play bone chilling games and make fiendishly fun crafts and party favors. This book features 9 outdoor decorations, 10 indoor decorations, 10 quick and easy treats, 15 make ahead treats, 10 beverage ideas, 22 relay and active games, 11 quiet games, 14 craft and party favors, and more! 101 Spooktacular Party Ideas

Haunt Your House for Halloween Haunt Your House for Halloween: Decorating Tricks & Party Treats - Cindy Fuller - Create a charming country-style Halloween setting through your whole house, from the front yard and the entryway to the windows, mantelpiece, and table, with a little help from Haunt Your House for Halloween. More sweetly spooky than scary, the decorations feature lots of simple, painted wood cutouts (ghosties, pumpkiny characters, rabbits, cats, crows), easy wreaths (such as a circle of ghost-wrapped lollipops), and clever edibles (sloppy joes whose buns masquerade as pumpkins; ghoul-aid; chocolate scaredy-snacks). Full directions and patterns are given for each project.

The Do It Yourself Haunted House Guide - Michael Tucker - This practical guide for haunting is designed to show average the person what it takes to start their own successful Halloween haunted house fundraiser...on a realistic level. This "how to" guide is unique among similar books on the market considering that it's based on the actual experiences of a working haunted house and teaches the reader how to profit from their event! You'll see how to start haunting today without spending a dime of own your money! Haunted House Guide

Halloween Halloween: The Best of Martha Stewart Living - Martha Stewart - Halloween books abound, but none is as elegantly spooky or as eerily opulent as this gorgeous guide from Martha Stewart Living. Set the scene for the ultimate Halloween party with a magical yard full of pumpkins glowing with vibrant geometrics and sparkling with Christmas lights. Welcome guests with shadow lanterns flickering with bats and haunted windows. Strew the house with chiffon ghosts and fill the air with haunting sounds. Then host a pumpkin-carving feast, a crafty party, or a ghoulish supper, and whip up eyeball highballs, croaked messieurs, and spider-web sundaes. And don't forget the creepy makeup.

Scary Scenes for Halloween - Jill Williams Grover - Interior designer Jill Williams Grover remembers that as a young girl, she chose her trick-or-treat visits not for what candy she'd receive but because of the front porch decorations. Obviously her fascination with Halloween continued into adulthood, and her marvelously inventive guide shows you how to turn your own home into a coveted trick-or-treating stop or the perfect place for a Halloween party. "Scary Nibbles" offers spooky snacks, like Ghost Sticks (white-chocolate-covered pretzel sticks) or Hand Full of Candy (a latex glove fitted with pointy black fingernails and filled with jawbreakers). Scary Scenes for Halloween

Halloween Decorating Halloween Decorating - The Editors of Creative Publishing international - The pictures in this book will get you in the mood and you just can't wait to get started on your crafts. This book is a "must have" on your bookshelf.

The Halloween Book - Jane Bull - The Halloween Book is a veritable gold mine of creepy crafts to make Halloween the most spine-tingling night of the year. Unearthly decorations ("Silhouette Windows," "Flickering Faces," "Jeering Jars"), exquisitely eerie dress-up ideas ("Fearsome Features," "Creepy Costumes,"), and delectably ghastly goodies ("Buckets of Treats," "Beastly Buffet," "Hanging Horrors," "Cauldron Cocktails," "Spooky Potions") will provide days of creative fun leading up to the haunted holiday. The Halloween Book

Give Them a Real Scare Give Them a Real Scare This Halloween - Joseph Pfeiffer - This 128 page humorous how-to book is a collection of tricks, illusions, props, costumes, and scenery ideas that can be used to scare trick-or-treaters in the yard or at the door, build a haunted attraction, or spice up your Halloween party. Over 250 cartoons and drawing humorously illustrate hundreds of frighteningly wacky ideas described in satirical humor. A must for anyone who enjoys Halloween.

Ghost Hunter's Club: Case 1 - Manda Rea - Meet three very interesting eleven year old girls: Anna, Lyn and Molly. They have an unusual hobby. . . ghost hunting. The kids will love this first in a series of Ghost Hunter's Club books. Ghost Hunter's Club

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