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First Book of LifeSkills LIMITED SUPPLY!

Single copies available for the first time online AND personally signed by Larry James! Close-out Special only $10.00 each (Regularly $20.00) plus $5.00 shipping by Priority Mail! Click the PayPal link below or call 480-205-3694 for a signed copy by Larry James!

The First Book of
Life Skills

10 Ways to Maximize Your Personal and Professional Potential

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Not Available in Book Stores!

Also Available in Russian!

"Wise and powerful guidelines that will help
lead you to the life you deserve!"

Og Mandino, Bestselling Author
The Greatest Salesman in the World

Success doesn't happen by accident. . .
It's predictable!

In the "First Book of Life Skills" you will learn:

Russian book cover of Life Skills
Now Available in Russian!
  • Success strategies that enlighten and empower.
  • Valuable insights on developing close personal and business relationships.
  • Inspiring thoughts and powerful ideas about living life to its fullest and being the best you can be.
  • How to multiply your personal effectiveness by developing a network that supports you and your goals.
  • How to increase productivity, profitability and your personal prosperity.
  • How to find inspiration and motivation from within. . . not without.
  • The value and the tremendous benefits of business networking.
  • How to be accountable for the choices you make and how to accept responsibility for the consequences of your actions.
  • How to acknowledge others for their contribution to you; saying "Thank You" in special ways.
  • . . . Plus more than 160 quips and quotes from successful people that will motivate and inspire you to action!

The skills discussed in Life Skills were originally lessons about how to network effectively. The author, Larry James, used them in his speeches on the subject of networking. As he traveled around the country, he realized that these skills applied to all areas of life, not just networking, and were relevant to everyone, not just to networkers.

The book is based on the premise that a sales professional (anybody who networks for a living), or anyone interested in improving their quality of life, succeeds only as they are able to better themselves and build strong personal and professional alliances.

No matter what your level of expertise, this book will deliver state-of-the-art techniques that you can immediately use to start building better relationships and improving your alliances with your customers and friends.

Life skills really are common-sense guidelines written for people who want to be the best they can be. And they are for everyone - whether you are in sales or management, a mother, a father, in school, out of school, a dropout, or a household executive! Basically, no matter what or where you are in life, you will find that Life Skills can make a contribution to you personally and professionally.

NOTE:  If you are involved in MLM, you must read this book!

"This is a highly thought-provoking book that can help anyone determine the areas in their lives which needs fine tuning and get moving on making those positive changes."

Tom Hopkins, Professional Speaker/Author,
How to Master the Art of Selling

"The First Book of LifeSkills" was Larry's first book. It was adapted from his popular seminar, "Networking: Making the Right Connections." Larry James is an example of what he speaks and writes about. On June 4, 1985, he founded "The Tulsa Business Connection" considered by many to be one of the most successful business networking groups in Oklahoma. While living in Tulsa he assisted in the development of 9 other networking groups. Larry has been called "America's Guru of Networking!"

Larry began selling Grit Newspapers when he was 10 years old. During his selling career, he has been a sales associate, sales manager, sales trainer, consultant and coach to thousands of people.

"Larry James has charted a terrific guide for personal and professional excellence. Easy to read and simple to apply, any of us can find great value in the wisdom of his work."

Nido R. Qubein, Chairman,
Creative Services, Inc.

This book is devoted to the process of developing close personal and business relationships that work. It is a book committed to personal development and career management. It's about skills that you must fine-tune in order for your life to work better. It explores skills, abilities, values, concepts, new thoughts, ways of being and behaviors that are necessary to maximize your personal and professional potential.

There is something here for everyone, whether you are in sales or management, network marketing, a mother, a father, in school, out of school, or a household executive. (NOTE: More than 135,000 people in network marketing have benefited from this book since it was re-released in September, 1998 - TIP: Your upline Amway Distributor may have "The First Book of Life Skills" available - if not, ask them to order it).

No matter what or where you are in life, you will find that "The First Book of LifeSkills" can make a contribution to you personally and professionally.

"Larry James has written what we've all needed
for a long time - an instruction manual for
successful living. You'll love it!"

Roger Dawson, Professional Speaker/Author,
You Can Get Everything You Want


This book is not available in book stores. "The First Book of Life Skills" is ONLY available from the following sources:

  • Personally autographed books may be ordered directly from Larry James. Supply is limited. Please specify the name(s) that should appear in the book.

Call:  480-205-3694

  Single SIGNED copies available for the first time online! Close-out Special only $10.00 each (Regularly $20.00) plus Shipping & Handling!

Buy "The First Book of Life Skills" with PayPal...
It's fast, FREE and secure!

Sorry, U.S. Orders ONLY

Larry's popular seminar, "Making Relationships Work; Personally and Professionally" is especially for businesses and networking professionals. It is adapted from "The First Book of LifeSkills." It is also presented as a one hour keynote address.

To read articles on business networking, go to "The Networking Articles MENU."

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