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Pay It Forward

Movie Review  -  Larry James

Calling All Angels  -  If you want to do your part to help change the world, you must see this movie and then begin to follow the intelligent and introspective plan of young Trevor McKinney. What a concept! It is thought-provoking and it will inspire you.

This movie presents a worthy idea whose time has come. It's an idea that is possible to achieve. For me, it was profoundly inspiring.

When you hear Kevin Spacey's character's first few words in the classroom, you'll wish all teachers could be like Mr. Simonet. On the first day of school, Mr Simonet gives his class an extra-credit assignment for the year. They must, "Think of an idea to change our world - and put it into action!"

There will always be a place for "random acts of kindness," however in this movie, I was impressed with Trevor's idea of intentionally helping others. A "deliberate" act of kindness. Intentionality is key. Contribution is the result.

Choose someone who needs help. Help them. Their only obligation is to "pay it forward" by helping at least three other people who must agree to help three others, etc. In other words you don't "pay it back" to the person who helped you, you extend to others the kind of help you have experienced, but in a way that helps them.

One person CAN make a difference. Trevor's concept in not only an interesting premise, it will work. It presents altruism as a believable concept.

My philosophy and purpose is life has been to "Help Others, Help Themselves." This movie supports that purpose. There are many lessons in this 123 minute movie, including the idea of "putting something back" into the community. It touched my heart.

Superb acting by all three lead roles brought life to the movie and will bring tears to your eyes. It did me.

It is an excellent choice to watch with your children. It will encourage and inpsire you and your children to think rather than just "settle for;" to imagine, examine, and reflect. Can you imagine how amazing the results might be? Begin a "pay it forward" project of your own.

This film is an underrated masterpiece. My hope is that the idea of this movie will become a worldwide movement and that it's admirable concept will be acted out in our everyday lives.

I suggest that you "Pay This Movie Forward" by watching it with someone you love, then recommending it to your child's teacher and friends.


Catherine Ryan Hyde pic This is the woman who started the "Pay It Forward" Movement!

Know someone who is "Paying It Forward?" Send Catherine Ryan Hyde (the author of the "Pay It Forward" book) an e-mail and let her know. She would love to hear from you. The purpose of the "Pay It Forward Movement" Website is to bring together, in one place, as many real life stories as she can. -

Do you make New Year's Resolutions? Click here for a novel approach to a "different" kind of New Years Resolution!


Pay it Forward Day!

In 2010 over 250,000 participants paid it forward in 30 countries with 16 state & city proclamations. For this year's (2011) international Pay it Forward Day (PIFD) we are aiming to inspire over 3 million acts of kindness around the world. Imagine the difference that would make!

Read more about how you and your friends can participate in this Global effort. Click here!


To purchase this video, click on the movie title or image below.

Pay It Forward - Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, Haley Joel Osment, Angie Dickinson & Bon Jovi - VHS - Beginning as a seventh-grade class assignment to put into action an idea that could change the world, young Trevor McKinney (Haley Joel Osment - The Sixth Sense) comes up with a plan to do good deeds for three people who then by way of payment each must do good turns for three other people. These nine people also must "pay it forward" and so on.

If successful, the resulting network of do-gooders ought to comprise the entire world. Trevor's attempts to get the ball rolling include befriending a junkie and trying to set up his recovering-alcoholic mother with his burn-victim teacher, who posed the assignment.  DVD or VHS - Subtitled in Spanish

Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward Pay It Forward - Soundtrack - CD - If young Thomas Newman hasn't reinvented the art of film scoring, he's certainly bent and hammered many of its most shopworn clichés into refreshing new musical elements. As he did with similar work for American Beauty and Erin Brockovich, Newman's music suffuses the characters and plot of director Mimi Leder's socially conscious melodrama with an almost stealthy sense of mood and emotion. Once again using his small studio ensemble to great effect, Newman provides a modern, largely rhythmic soundscape, one whose electronically synthesized elements blend so well with his organic sounds as to be utterly seamless. And if there's a familiarity creeping into his work, it's only because Newman--like all the greats--has found such a distinct, effective musical voice. Equally important here, the composer also remembers the Newman family's daunting Hollywood roots--father Alfred, brother David, uncles Lionel and Emil, cousin Randy--and reinforces the film's sensitive nature with quiet, more traditional pastoral orchestral passages, frequently with his own spare solo piano taking the lead.  To listen to the "Pay It Forward" theme, click here.

Pay It Forward: A Novel - Catherine Ryan Hyde - Read the book! An ordinary boy engineers a secular miracle in Hyde's (Funerals for Horses) winning second novel, set in small-town 1990s California. Twelve-year-old Trevor McKinney, the son of Arlene, a single mom working two jobs, and Ricky, a deadbeat absentee dad, does not seem well-positioned to revolutionize the world. But when Trevor's social studies teacher, Reuben St. Clair, gives the class an extra-credit assignment, challenging his students to design a plan to change society, Trevor decides to start a goodwill chain. Pay It Forward: A Novel

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