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About Larry James

Since 1987, Larry James has spoken to thousands of people all over the United States presenting seminars, workshops, and keynotes. He has receive hundreds of referrals, recommendations and endorsements for his work in the personal and professional relationship area.

Here is what leading business professionals
are saying about Larry James. . .

"I wanted to thank you for speaking at ABPA tonight. You did a really nice job. The comments I received from the attendees were very positive and the sampling of evaluation forms that I saw rated you very highly. And as I looked around the room during your speech, I saw people frantically taking notes of the many tips that you were providing."

Pam Swartz
Arizona Book Publishers Association

"As we planned our 2005 speaker line up, the first item was our people wanting Larry James back for the FOURTH year! This reflects your receiving our highest speaker rating for the past three years. Thank you for the great lessons you have given our membership in sales and marketing. You are really on the leading edge."

Update:  A million thanks for a Fourth appearance with us! Your lessons are so good! I was so pleased with the crowd you drew!

Bill Johnson, Chairman
Authors and Speakers Roundtable
Arizona Small Business Association

"Did someone say a "home run?!" This was the constant comment by our association members after your speech and workshop at our event. The evaluations were outstanding without one single negative comment! I have managed a total of six associations and consider myself a good judge and you are tops!"

W. L. Johnson
Western Connection

"One of the major requests from our employees was for a relationship seminar. Because of the great evaluations Larry James received (100% positive), we are recommending this great seminar for all centers across the nation! In fact, we are already getting requests for him to come back and speak again."

Audrey DeLange
Novus Services (Discover Card)

"Your presentation was outstanding! The seminar evaluations came out very positive, e.g., "Very well presented," "Excellent," "Very in touch with people in relationships," "Great," and "I am single and 19 but learned some very important things." Thank you for another great seminar!

Connie Wiesner-Duh
Novus Services (Discover Card)

"Larry, your presentation was just excellent. You are a real pro. Your profession offers such a wonderful ministry to so many, I am proud to know you.

Bill Johnson
Executive Vice President
National Speakers Association 1975-1983

"I want you to know that I have not seen a better response from our crowd ever! Your delivery. . . is superb!"

V. David Dutton
Independent Insurance Agents of Greater Oklahoma City

"I have heard nothing but compliments from the entire group. We appreciate your professional and capable approach to a subject which is our very livelihood! You are indeed a powerful example of your own seminar."

Rose Mary Winget
McCaw Communications

"I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation! You have terrific material that is so beneficial to anyone involved in sales. . . I will be sending a letter of referral to our state meeting planner!"

Kristal Wimberly
RE/MAX, Realtors®

"Your subject matter and treatment on networking and relationships was perfect and held the attention and interest of the group. Particularly notable was the way people stayed around afterwards. . . networking!"

Charlene M. Ives, CPA
National Association of Home-Based CPAs

"Of those who responded, most rated your keynote as excellent and all felt they had gained or reinforced their marketing knowledge at the meeting. The response was excellent and the AMA board is very pleased."

Dilene Pruett
American Marketing Association

"You're a class act, and presented a wonderful program for us. I have ordered the tape so that Alicia and I can listen to it together. So much you said strikes home, even in our 37+ year relationship. Thanks for showing up with all of your beauty and wisdom."

Charlie Hawkins, MBA
President, Seahawk Associates
2000-2001 President, National Speakers Association, Arizona Chapter

"I must say that meeting you and attending your networking seminar really inspired me to continue (networking). If you should ever need a referral for a skeptical networker, please do not hesitate to have them call me!"

Nancy Siegel
Farmers Insurance Group

"If we didn't thank you enough for your marvelous 30 minutes with us, then let's do it with e-mail. Kathe mentioned how well our members were listening to you. And she was so right. Scottsdale Airpark Rotary was delighted to have you at this important meeting. You were the perfect speaker today.

Jim Hamra, Retired CEO, Hamra Jewelers
Scottsdale Airpark Rotary

"We received many positive comments on the informative materials presented. Again, thanks for contributing to the success of the 69th Annual Convention of the Oklahoma Association of Realtors!"

Jim Housh
Oklahoma Association of Realtors®

"Everyone's seminar evaluation rated you high and added comments like: Speaker was excellent. . . A great asset to our seminar. . . Was very professional and very motivating!"

Carlene Slater
International Independent Toning Salon Association

Larry's seminars, workshops and keynotes are presented nationally. His Relationship Enrichment LoveShop can be presented as a keynote address, as a spouse program or "men only/women only" sessions at conventions, association meetings, awards banquets, marriage or singles retreats and in churches. References from church leaders.

Corporations are presenting Larry's personal relationship work to their employees as a way of helping them to better handle the stress of relationships at home and in the workplace.

Relationships are often a puzzle. Sometimes the pieces fit.. . sometimes they don't. Seminars and relationship books by Larry James are designed to help people fit the pieces of the relationship puzzle together in a healthy way.

Larry's popular seminar, "Making Relationships Work; Personally and Professionally" is especially for businesses and networking professionals. It is adapted from Larry's first book, "The First Book of LifeSkills."

Larry James • • P.O. Box 12695 • Scottsdale, AZ 85267-2695

• 480 205-3694 •

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