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Candlelight Tips for a Romantic Interlude

Larry James

Life without candles would be dull, dim and dismal. Candles are romantic, they ease stress and much more. They add a warm glow to any of life's great adventures; birthdays, anniversaries, holiday dinners, romantic evenings, religious celebrations or just casual evenings with someone special.

The National Candle Association estimates that 37 percent of those celebrating Valentine's Day are hoping for a "special dinner" with their significant other. Special, for many, includes candlelight. I suggest that you don't wait for "special occasions" or for weekends, to bring out the candles to bring out the romance. Tonight would be a great time to surprise your love partner.

There is nothing like the allure of candles to create a romantic mood. Whether you're rekindling a flame with a long-lost love or lighting the fire with a new one, the sensual mystery of candles can spark desire.

Choosing the right candle for a romantic evening can be as important as choosing the right wine. Like flowers and perfume, candles make an ideal present and can send a romantic message.

Try this. Surround the bathroom with vanilla-scented ivory tealight candles against a mirrored backdrop as you draw a scented bath. Pour the wine (you'll need TWO chilled wine glasses), add the sweet sound of your favorite romantic music, turn out the lights and see what develops. Two in a tub. . . rub-a-dub-dub!

Here are some other tips that may help.

  • Fill small jars with clear, red marbles and set candles inside for intriguing Valentine's Day candleholders.

  • Fill a cut crystal bowl with water and add some floating candles for a romantic centerpiece -- the cut crystal will magnify the glow of the candles.

  • Turn your fireplace into a "candleplace" by filling it with candles. Vary the height with bricks or stone blocks to create the atmosphere of a glowing flame.

  • For a romantic indoor picnic, line a picnic-style basket with linen napkins, two crystal champagne flutes, champagne, candleholders and long, romantic tapers.

  • Romance expert, Gregory J.P. Godek, suggests that you keep candles in your car. Eat dinner by candlelight the next time you go to McDonald's or Burger King.

  • Refrigerate candles before use so they will burn slowly and evenly. Wrap them first in foil or plastic to keep their wicks from absorbing moisture.

  • Store candles in a cool, dark, dry place, lying tapers flat to prevent warping.

  • Avoid putting candles in drafts to prevent rapid, uneven burning and exessive dripping.

  • Place candles at least 3 inches apart so they do not melt each other.

  • Before you entertain, light and extinguish candles once. They will light quickly and easily later.

  • To extinguish a candle, hold your finger in front of the flame and blow at your finger. Air will flow around your finger and put out the candle from both sides, preventing hot wax from splattering.

  • If candle wax drips on an area, freeze the area with ice cubes. Then shatter the candle wax with a blunt instrument and vacuum up the pieces.

Here are a few extra tips that will make that special evening with your special someone even more special:

  • Inexpensive candles can often smoke, are less fragrant and have a shorter burn life than quality candles.

  • Fill small jars with clear or colored marbles and set candles inside. Change the color of the marbles and candles to match the occasion.

  • Fill a cut crystal bowl with water and add a few floating candles. Or put one floating candle in a wine glass and place at each setting or group randomly along the table.

  • Avoid scented candles during dinners so the aroma of the meal fills the air.

  • Chase away stress with a 30-minute bath, a cup of herbal tea or glass of wine and a bathroom filled with flickering flames.

  • Scatter different size hurrican lamps/lanterns indoors and outdoors for a bright welcome to a party or open house.

  • Try different size tapers in a direct line down the center of the table, starting with the tallest in the center.

  • The best way to smell a fragrant candle is from the bottom because the wax tends to oxidize at the top.
Here's a brief excerpt from "Red Hot LoveNotes for Lovers" by Larry James:

Red Hot LoveNote. . . Music and candles create a mood. When you want to become sexually intimate, you want the mood to be warm and mellow, soft and romantic. Place a few scented candles around the room. If you can place one or two candles in front of a mirror, do so. Watch how the flicker of the candles adds to the seductive view you have of your lover while you are making love. Notice the shadows two lovers create. . . on the sheets. . . on the wall. Carefully choose the music that will most enhance your experience of each other. Select music without words, music that will not distract from the ambiance of the moment.

C A U T I O N - Candles of any type are a safety risk when left unattended or placed near flammable materials. Are gel candles significantly more dangerous than wax candles? You decide. For more information click here. We strongly advise exercising caution when burning any type of candle.

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