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Great People Are Saying Great Things About "How to Really Love the One You're With"

Bursts of truth, flashes of insight and words of wisdom for those on the path to wholesome and healthy love relationships. "How to Really Love the One You're With!" is a thought-provoking, refreshing adventure in love and self-discovery. A must-read for all!

John Gray, Ph.D., Author
Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
Mars and Venus in the Bedroom & Mars and Venus on a Date

If you want self-generating love that's unconditional and stimulates unlimited growth and expansion, read, "How to Really Love the One You're With!"

Mark Victor Hansen, Professional Speaker, Co-Author
Chicken Soup for the Soul

"How to Really Love the One You're With" is an adventure in self-discovery. Its words are a blueprint for a healthier, happier, extraordinary love relationship with the one you love and with yourself.

Jack Canfield, Professional Speaker, Co-Author
Chicken Soup for the Soul

Serious and fun, insightful and practical - what else could you ask for in a relationship book?! "How to Really Love the One You're With" works on the head, heart and spirit. Larry's brief essays will touch you and help you.

Gregory J.P. Godek, Professional Speaker, Author
1001 Ways to Be Romantic & The Portable Romantic

"How to Really Love the One You're With!" is a beautiful book of practical meditations that help keep us centered in the truth that Love is everything there is, and all that there is.

Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D., Author
Love is Letting Go of Fear

People are asking about healthy relationships. How do we create them? What do they feel like? How do I grow from the unhealthy relationships I have been creating into more healthy ones? Here is a book that provides some answers for these questions. The information is timely and relevant. Read and stretch yourself towards learning "How to Really Love the One You're With!"

Dr. Bruce Fisher, Ed.D., Author
Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends

Open your heart to the delightful, all inclusive Love in which "we live, and move and have our being." Then follow expectantly, enthusiastically, the gentle steps described by Larry James in his remarkable new book, "How to Really Love the One You're With".

J. Sig Paulson
Worldwide Unity Minister, Author, and Lecturer

"How to Really Love the One You're With!" is a profound meditation upon human love in the context of Divine Love; of love as a challenge to know self and learn of the other; of love as a challenge to trust and let go of fear. It will stir you to the very depths of feeling and reflection. It is a wisdom about love which is both fresh and as old as the eternal.

Dr. Larry Losoncy, Ph.D.
Marriage/Family Therapist, Tulsa

"How to Really Love the One You're With" is a must for anyone in love or searching for love. Larry James presents masterful guidelines that nurture healthy love relationships. His words inspire integrity with compassion. They can help heal the wounded heart.

Anne Boe, Professional Speaker/Author
How to Net Your Playmate (Video) & Is Your 'Net' Working?

"How to Really Love the One You're With" gently but powerfully lifted me out of the complacency and lethargy I unwittingly let happen in my love relationships. I was deeply touched by this book. It is a 'must read' for everyone on this planet.

Dr. H. Fred Vogt, Minister Emeritus
Mile Hi Church of Religious Science, Denver

Larry James brilliantly shares the "how tos" of having a successful relationship. He has managed to put into words what most of us hide in our hearts.

Jane Jenkins Herlong
Professional Speaker/Former Miss South Carolina

"How to Really Love the One You're With" articulates beautifully the fundamental truth that having a loving relationship with anyone or any aspect of life starts by first loving yourself. As always it's an inside job.

Richard Imprescia
Minister of Religious Science

"How to Really Love the One You're With!" is a lively, sensitive and much needed exploration of the nature of love and relationships. Larry James perceptively examines the usual stereotypes and fears about love, and presents a new, refreshing look for us all.

Dr. Brenda Shoshanna Lukeman
Clinical Psychologist

What a delight is was reading "How to Really Love the One You're With!" It is full of wonderful insights and simple reminders that bring us back to love. Thank you for writing a book about love that is loving to the reader.

Terry McBride
Professional Speaker

I have admired Larry James' work for over a decade. Don't miss "How to Really Love the One You're With!" It is an informing must-read which will add quality to that treasured relationship in your life!

Don Hutson, Professional speaker/Author
The Sale

In my book, "The Prospering Power of Love," I have described love as not only 'a many splendored thing' but also 'a many splintered thing." "How to Really Love the One You're With" helps the reader to go from the 'splinter' to the 'splendor' of love! And to again realize the truth of that age-old saying: "Ain't love grand?"

Catherine Ponder, Minister, Author
The Prospering Power of Love

'Taking in' Larry's masterpiece is like enjoying and savoring every morsel and mouthful of a wondrous Italian 9 course meal. His insights as to what truly makes for a healthy, enhancing, growth-oriented love relationship are healing words for a struggling humanity.

Joanne Claussen
Parenting Education Consultant

"How to Really Love the One You're With!" is an exciting journey into the nature of healthy love relationships. You will gain a powerful understanding of how love works and how it benefits us, what to look for in yourself and others, how to respond, why there is (and must be) ethics and discipline in human relationships to channel the inevitable power that is there. Larry James makes it all clear. It's a book for all caring adults.

Jim Tunney, Ed.D.
Professional Speaker/Former NFL Referee

Wow! What a Valentines Day! This book is undoubtedly the best tip I have ever received.

Kristi, Waitress
Chilis Grill & Bar, Tulsa

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