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Robert Reed & Larry James
Publisher Robert Reed and Larry James talk "turkey" over turkey club sandwiches at Wild Horse Pass Casino Resort in Phoenix as they negotiate a publishing contract for Larry's new book, "Ten Commitments of Networking: Creative Ways to Maximize Your Personal Connections!"

Now Available in Book Stores!

Larry's new book:

"Ten Commitments of Networking: Creative Ways to Maximize Your Personal Connections!"

New book by Larry James

Check out Larry's New Website about Networking. Go to:!

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First Book of Life sSkills The First Book of Life Skills: 10 Ways to Maximize Your Personal and Professional Potential - Larry James - This book will teach you how excell in business networking. It is a book devoted to the process of developing close personal and business relationships that work. It is a book committed to personal development and career management. Adapted from Larry's popular seminar, "The 10 Commitments of Networking!" Click here for more details.

Essential Network The Essential Network: Success Through Personal Connections - John L. Bennett - This book is about establishing, maintaining, and reaping the benefits of connections. It incorporates many personal stories to illustrate the productive results that can occur from building connections. These include people who have found life-partners, avoided personal and financial disasters, made career changes, built businesses, and met famous people.

Larry's Review: The principles of business networking in an easy-read and understandable format. Highly recommended!

Power Networking: 59 Secrets for Personal & Professional Success - Donna Fisher & Sandy Vilas - Packed with 59 proven networking methods for achieving success in all areas of your life, this inspiring book helps you to discover key networking skills to show you how to make the requests that get the results you want.

Larry's Review: The importance of making important business connections cannot be understated. Donna offers sound advice and encourages you to give up your shyness and offer to assist others as you build a network of support; one that increases your visibility, expands your network and marks you as someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.
Power Networking: 59 Secrets for Personal & Professional Success

The Portable Pocket People Meeter The Portable Pocket People Meeter: 50 Ways to Meet, Greet & Communicate! - GinaMaria Jerome - This book fits right in your pocket and is your fun-filled guide to meeting people to increase your business, widen your circle of friends, or broaden your horizons. Inside you'll discover how to instantly connect with someone you've just met, remember someone's name, and discover 50 unique ways to meet people wherever you go, whatever you do.

Larry's Review: Grrreat networking tips often come in small packages! The compact, "Portable Pocket People Meeter" will put your business career on fast forward.

Breakthrough Networking: Building Relationships That Last - Lillian D. Bjorseth - A practical, easy-to-read "how to" book on increasing business and enhancing your career through word-of-mouth, the most powerful marketing tool in the world. Four sections help you discover your networking style, polish your personal and printed image, practice the art and science of networking and learn exercises to "break the ice."

Larry's Review: Lillian Bjorseth's book, "Breakthrough Networking" is an adventure in networking; a step-by-step journey designed to accelerate your proficiency in working "with" people both professionally and personally to develop mutually beneficial relationships that count, in your career as well as your personal life. Click here to contact Lillian.
Breakthrough Networking

Endless Referrals Endless Referrals: Network Your Everyday Contacts into Sales - Bob Burg - This book will show you how to network to advance your career, set up win-win cross promotions, start your own formal networking associations, even soup up customer service. This powerful guide shares carefully cultivated secrets on networking anywhere, utilizing the telephone, following up, and communicating one-on-one.

Larry's Review: My friend, Bob Burg, is a Master Networker! Follow his guidelines to complete business and personal success. Highly Recommended!

Live in the Greater Phoenix (AZ) area?  -  You might like to visit the "Unity of Phoenix Business Network." Go to: for more information.

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