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About Larry James - Everything you ever wanted to know about relationship expert Larry James.

The Venue Menu - A current listing of personal appearances by Larry James including relationship seminars and radio and TV interviews.

Larry's BLOG! - Periodically, Larry James will post random thoughts, ideas, observations, insights, commentary, suggestions, tips and solutions for better relationships. You are welcome to post your comments on our WebLog (Blog).

The Book Shelf. . .

BookShelf - Here you will find a descriptive listing of Larry's books all designed to help you experience great personal and business relationships.

The Music Shelf - Featuring the music of Nashville's newest and brightest stars, Jana Stanfield, Karie HIllery, Carol Grace Anderson, and Cecilia!

Larry's Video Store - Featuring the top 100 "romantic" movies of all time!

Audio Cassettes. . .

LifeWords for Success! - 333 of the worlds greatest success quotations on two audio cassettes, each carefully selected to help you focus your attention on success. Each audio album contains a 46-page, pocket-sized "LifeWords for Success" booklet featuring all of the quotes on these audio cassettes with author acknowledgement.

Relationship Articles. . .

Relationship Articles Menu - A menu of more than 40+ relationship articles for married couples, singles with partners and solo singles written by Larry James.
e-Relationship articles that turn on your brain!  Read 'em and "reap!"  Today's feature article!

Newest Articles

Communicating is Not Optional
What is Love?
The ABC's of Celebrating Love!
My Partner Cheat? Never!
Relationship "Slump Busters"
How Do You Work On You?

  To read articles on business networking, go to "The Networking Articles MENU."

FREE Subscription. . .

LoveNotes for Lovers eZINE - Larry James'  "LoveNotes for Lovers" e-ZINE will feature relationship tips, a relationship Q & A (and lots more) and will be sent directly to your e-mail box each month. It'll be short and sweet and to the point. You'll love it!

Personal Relationship Coaching. . .

Personal Relationship Coaching - Larry James offers personal relationship coaching by telephone for high functioning singles and married couples. Read Thank yous received from Larry's coaching clients. There is a link on this page to Larry's fee schedule.

Ask Larry James - Our relationship with you is important. Communication is the key. Larry welcomes your relationship questions and comments. Selected e-mails will be answered by private e-mail by Larry James or posted on the "Frequently Asked Questions" page.

Frequently Asked Questions - Larry's answers to relationship questions and other topics from our cyber friends.

Seminars & Keynotes. . .

Keynote and Seminar Topics - A brief review of all presentation topics.

Relationship Enrichment LoveShop - A complete description of Larry's interactive workshop designed to help you fit the pieces of the relationship puzzle together in a healthy way.

Making Relationships Work: Personally and Professionally - This seminar is especially for businesses and networking professionals and features a blend of personal and business relationships.

The 10 "Commitments" of Networking - This topic is available as a keynote for businesses or anyone interested in learning networking skills from the "Guru of Networking," Larry James.

Networking: Making the Right Connections - Larry's most popular seminar for business professionals. With the emphasis on personal development and career management, Larry clearly defines his unique version of networking and how to work the system for maximum benefits.

References. . .

Business Leaders Speak About Larry James - Endorsements of Larry's work from business leaders.

Church Leaders Speak About Larry James - Endorsements of Larry's work from church leaders.

Relationship Speakers Network - Representing. . .

Dr. John Gray, Ph.D. and others - Dr. John Gray, Ph.D., author of "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" is available to present his seminars at your next event. You will find contact information for Dr. Gray and other speakers represented by our network on this page.

  • About Michael Najarian - Michael Najarian, M.A., is the President of Personal Growth Productions and long-time colleague of Dr. Gray. He is Dr. Gray's appointed ambassador of the Mars/Venus relationship message performing to sold-out audiences in theaters across the U.S. and Europe.
For the Media. . .

Media Press Pass - If you are a member of the media (print, Internet, radio or TV), this page is a great "prep" for a live interview with professional speaker and author Larry James. Larry is available for talk shows and personal appearances and his articles are available for publication. He has been featured on ABC TV's "The View" with Barbara Walters and more than 450 radio talk shows and numerous TV shows.

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