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Site Map - Part 2

NOTE: This site map is divided into two parts to help the pages load faster. There are links in the pull-down menu to Parts 1 and 2 plus ALL of the links on this website. To go back to Part 1, click on the "Back" link in the pull-down menu or near the bottom of this page.

MORE Good Stuff. . .

Daily Love Potion - Visit this page for a fresh, daily dose of relationship potions delicately served to you by's "Connoisseur of Love," Larry James.

Larry's T-shirt e-Shop - Visit Larry's e-Shop to choose from a wide selection of "" t-shirts, mugs, tank-tops, bucket hats, mousepads, tote and messenger bags and more. All designed to help you spread the word of "love."

Larry James & Barbara Walters - A photo album of Larry's appearance on ABC TV's "The View" with Barbara Walters.

Larry James' Family Fotos - A photo album of Larry's daughter, etc., plus More Family Fotos of Kelly's archaeology dig at Caesarea, Israel. Also links for online expeditions to other archaeology sites.

Larry's Leisure Pursuits - An inside look at Larry James; up-close and personal. Plus a look at his labor of love in building a "heart-shaped" water garden for a friend. Don't miss this 30 photo slide show displaying the construction of the water garden from start to finish.

SPECIAL Relationship Pin Offer! - A dazzling 14 karat gold puzzle pin designed by Larry James. Offered at a special price for our Internet friends. (NOTE: Only a few left!)

UpDated  I Love You - Say "I Love You" in over 200 languages. Love is the universal language.

Larry's eMall - Secure eShopping With Your Mouse! IT'S HERE! Virtual eShops of all kinds with lots of grrreat gift ideas!    eShop here!    Pass the word to your friends!

FunStuff - A collection of F U N stuff that will surely bring a smile to your face and brighten your day!

Larry's Relationship Bumper SNICKers! - Keep smiling! Makes everyone wonder what you've been up to!

1 Minute Interview - Get "up-close and personal" with a one-minute interview with Larry James. Larry answers your non-relationship related questions about Larry.

Movie Review - Larry James reviews one of his favorite movies, "Pay It Forward" and encourages you to put this movie's idea into practice.

Larry's Computer & Technology Corner. . .

National Do Not Call Registry - This FREE service is intended to block most telemarketing calls.

Ole Mac Larry Has a Mac! - Eee-eye, Eee-eye, Oh!   (hee! hee!)   If you compute on a Mac, do not miss this page. A wealth of Mac stuff for us Mac addicts; troubleshooting, software updates, vendor support, links to the top Mac websites and more! P.S. Larry James loves his Mac!

UpDated  Truth or HOAX? - Up-to-date Virus Info - Larry's take on Internet hoaxes, virus warning e-mail and spam, plus today's Technology Headlines. Other techie articles include. . .

  • New  Larry's "Hoax" Finder! - "Search" before you forward e-mail! That e-mail story that your brother-in-law just sent to you may sound very true, but is it?
  • How to Filter SPAM This article features "How To's" for four popular e-mail programs plus links to websites dedicated to helping you ban SPAM.
  • Why "Don't Open Attachments" Doesn't Work - Larry James explains a common misunderstanding about opening e-mail attachments.
  • Energize Your E-Mail - All you need to know about e-mail by Kim Komando, Host of America's Top-Rated Computer/Internet Talk Show, "The Kim Komando Show."
  • Philippa Gamse - A list of more than 15 "techie" articles by our resident Internet Guru, Philippa Gamse. Topics include, Web Strategy, Web Site Promotion/Online PR, Customer Service, Traffic Analysis, Online Research and Virtual Communities.

About Webmaster Wes - Looking for a webmaster to create a website or help fix one that someone else messed up? Larry James highly recommends Wes Hopper.

Special LINKS for Authors & Speakers. . .

  BONUS!!  Go to Larry's NEW Website! Especially for Authors and Speakers!

Authors & Speakers - If you are an author or speaker this page will introduce you to articles especially helpful to authors and speakers and hundreds of links to other similar websites. NOTE: Authors & Speakers begin with this link.

  • Authors & Speakers Articles MENU - A menu of articles specifically for authors and speakers. Some are written by Larry James and others by guest authors.

  • The Buzz on Being a Shameless NetShaker! - Internet secrets revealed! Larry reveals what he considers to be the most important key to shameless self-promotion on the Internet. This article appears in the book, "Confessions of Shameless Internet Promoters" by Debbie Allen. Now available in Larry's Book Store in the Author/Speaker Section.

  • Self-Promote or Disappear! - This article reveals many of Larry's "self-promotion" secrets and appears in the book, "Confessions of Shameless Self-Promoters" by Debbie Allen. Now available in Larry's Book Store in the Author/Speaker Section.

  • So You're Writing a Book, Eh? - Encouragement, tips, comments and contacts for writers and speakers who write.

  • Author & Speaker Coaching - Need more info? Have specific questions? Learn from someone who is doing it! Larry James is available for coaching for beginning authors and speakers or for authors and speakers who are stuck and need encouragement and some powerful ideas to move ahead. Perhaps true wisdom is not only possessing knowledge, but knowing who to ask.

  • Newsletter & eZINE Recommendations - Recommended newsletters and eZINES to assist you with your writing.

  • Networking Resources for Authors & Speakers - Larry lists all of his resources for book printing & design; labels, postcards, and book marks printing; audio & video cassette editing, production & marketing; special discounts and much more. You MUST see this page!

  • UpDated 40+ Ways to Make Your Next Book Signing an EVENT!! - Here you will find the latest tips and suggestions that will make your next book signing a total success! Includes the "real reason" you schedule book signings.

  • Radio Station Checklist - Here is a list of all the stuff you need to know and do BEFORE you appear on a radio talk show! Lots of great suggestions to make sure there are no slip-ups.

  • How to Be a Great Radio Guest! - Larry has appeared on more than 450 radio talk shows and is the former Associate Producer of the MarsVenus Radio Talk Show. He shares his experience about how "not" to be a boring guest on a radio talk show.

  • Foreign Currency Converter - If you are on the Internet. . . you are doing business globally. When you get inquiries from foreign buyers for your author and speaker products, be sure to refer to this page to get an up-to-date currency exchange rate. Click here for French. Click here for German.

  • Introductions: Their Care & Feeding - Speakers will love these suggestions for the meeting planner. Never have a bad introduction again!

  • Larry's Book Store features a special book section for authors and speakers.

  • BONUS Website Links for Authors & Speakers - Literally hundreds of helpful links to other websites. Includes media links to key contacts in all 51 states.
LINKS. . .

UpDated  Links TRADE Plan - This page contains all the information you need to trade website links with If you know of a "Relationship Related" website that may be a link trade candidate, please forward the link of this page to them for consideration.

Links to More Relationship Sites - Carefully selected links to other relationship websites.

Banner Links to More Relationship Sites - This page features special relationship site banner links.

UpDated  Assistance for Better Living Links - This page features links to sites such as The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, National Domestic Violence Hotline, information for parents with troubled teens, etc. Your suggestions for additional links to be added are welcome.

Healing for the Mind, Body & Spirit - Recommended sites for various healing arts.

Missing Children - Working together to keep our children safe!

Links for Singles - Several links for singles, relationship articles for singles plus information about a free personality test and more!

UpDated  Alzheimer's Links - This page is included to honor the memory of Larry's mother, Mary N. Jarvis, who died as a result of Alzheimer's Disease. Lots of Alzheimer's information, articles, and links. The Alzheimer's Book Shelf in Larry's Book Store features more than 100 books about Alzheimer's and a link to nearly 800 more.

UpDated  Breast Cancer Info - This page is dedicated to all the women who have suffered the results of breast cancer and especially to honor Larry's sister, Jean Pierce, a breast cancer survivor. October is National "Breast Cancer Awareness" Month.

New  Law of Distraction & Interuptions Radio Show - Host is Joe Carroccio. He is the author of Law of Distraction & Interuptions. Joe Carroccio is the Founder & President of the Good Life News, Inc. and has over 40 years of Marketing, Sales, Media, Management and Operational experience in technology, communications and Energy Management.

New  Asthma & Allergy Info - Read Larry's own story about his battle to breath; "Take a Deep Breath." May is National "Allergy & Asthma Awareness" Month. Plug in your zip code and get a current pollen count for your city.

UpDated  Professional Speakers LINKS - The links to the professional speakers listed on this page are presented as a free service to meeting planners and our online friends. This is a no commission service.

UpDated  Single's Sites LINKS - Links to carefully selected online singles sites.

Holidays. . .

Happy New Year! - January 1st
Martin Luther King Day - January 15th
Black History Month - February
Valentine's Day - February 14th
President's Day - February 18th
St. Patrick's Day - March 17th
April Fools Day - April 1st - No holiday. A fun day to play pranks on your friends.
Easter - March 23rd
Global LOVE Day! - May 1st
National Day of Prayer - First Thursday in May
Cinco de Mayo - May 5th
Mother's Day - May 11th
Memorial Day - May 30th
Larry James' Birthday - June 6th
Flag Day - June 14th
Father's Day - June 15th
Juneteenth - June 19th
Independence Day - July 4th
Labor Day - September 3rd
Stepfamily Day - September 16th
Halloween - October 31
Veteran's Day - November 11th
Thanksgiving - November 22nd
Christmas - December 25th
Kwanzaa - December 26th - January 1st

National Unmarried & Single Americans Week - September 2020

9-11 Memorial. Click here!


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